Best of 2011… video games!

2011 has been a crazy year for video games.  Last Fall’s line up had so many high-profile titles that interested me I couldn’t play them all in time to form my own opinions on them.  I’m going to create some random “best of” categories that fit my own gaming interest so without further ado – my favorite (and least favorite) games of 2011. Continue reading

New year. Fresh start.

A busy end of the year involved experiments/writing and movie watching/gaming; unfortunately, maintaining the blog yet again fell by the wayside.  But here I am again, and I resolve to continue with this blog.  For now, I need to play some catch up to mention all of the movie’s I’ve seen since going dark.  This listy post will do so and act as my amateur film blogger year end (beginning?) list! Continue reading


I recently had the opportunity to check out Drive.  This critically praised flick tells the story of a mysterious getaway driver who finds love in his next door neighbor but becomes entangled in some very bad criminal activities.  Did it live up to its expectations?

Continue reading

L.A. Confidential

After playing LA Noire this summer, I had an itch to revisit 1997′s LA Confidential.  This award winning flick has more than a few familiar faces, and having not seen it in a while, I was very interested in a second viewing.  Does it hold up well and does it affect my view of LA Noire?  Yes to both. Continue reading